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Become a Retail Portal – Think like an Entrepreneur to sell more books!

Submitted by on September 8, 2011 – 5:10 amNo Comment

Selling books these days takes thinking like a retailer who gets it.  Look at Amazon for example, they don’t just sell you a book they offer you the entire bookstore in the palm of your hand.  I have been around multi-millionaires my whole life.  There are many lessons to be learned just from being quiet around them.  Many times just the passion and energy in the room from being around them has sparked new business ideas for Fresh Impact PR Group.

This past week we spoke with yet another author frustrated with their sales numbers from their publisher.  To no avail, we began asking questions, like, talk to me about your database?  Their answer was astounding.  They have been traveling the globe for the last 10 plus years and don’t have one.  If you asked an entrepreneur about their database they would have a specific answer in the thousands including a breakdown of who does what, when and where.  Because they get selling product!  Not enough authors do.

Authors can’t think linearly anymore;  write my book, edit my book, give my book away to the publisher, hope they sell it, sign my own copies wherever I go and wait to see how many we sell.  Instead think  how many other products off this book we can take to market.  What is the goal of this book getting into the right hands meant to do and when do we want that to happen.  Proper strategy beats out half the market in publishing more than having a book.