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Books-A-Million to Open BAM! Stores in 41 Markets

Submitted by on November 3, 2011 – 8:10 amNo Comment

The news a week ago about BAM to Fresh Impact PR Group was shocking.  On one hand locally I am always excited to see local business owners and retail space fill up.  There is nothing worse than driving through a small town seeing empty stores.  Concord, New Hampshire made the cut for new BAM! Store.  This to us was more about ego than a successful plan from BAM to ramp up book sales.  I think everyone in the #publishing world knows that the handwriting is on the wall with retail book sales.  Why this bold move from Books-A-Million with all this rental space?  What makes BAM think they are any different than a Borders Store?

From an author standpoint I have been saying this the last two years, start learning the tactics now for becoming your own retailer.  Don’t wait for a publisher to teach you or have some silver bullet for getting you this magical deal in retail space that will give you the sales you dream of.  Getting into retail space still holds some weight but not for much longer.  Online selling tactics mixed with video and an incredibly active author is your best bet for sales right now.  We have always touted a holistic approach to PR and book marketing.  In conjunction with that if you are a published author making sure everyone is on the same page from the sales and marketing team to even the marketing tip sheet needs to be up to speed with technology.

Reaching the tablet and technology readers at all levels will skyrocket over the next year.  Start now with your enhanced media book and transmedia planning.