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The Future of Book Marketing

Submitted by on December 1, 2011 – 6:07 am3 Comments

Since the huge jump of sales from Black Friday Weekend along-side the recent dialogue from Digital Book World blog regarding Seth Godin I anticipate continued change in the publishing landscape.  The way we are promoting books has already changed over the last year.  Our mantra has always been taking a holistic approach to book marketing and public relations.  I laugh when I hear agents say, ‘let’s Twitter this book onto the bestseller list.’  That doesn’t really apply to more than half the authors or publishers in the space we work.

Building a ‘tribe’ is just another word for platform, however it’s followers are the difference.  I do like it better thought as it more implies a loyal following and true brand evangelists.  Having true followers doesn’t mean having 33,000 folks you have never interacted with on your Twitter account.  Give me 200 strong followers and we can really get something done.  Over time, that can easily turn into 2000 right?

Innovation in my mind will be the biggest key to publishers and authors staying ahead of the margins that are ever shrinking.  The use of tablets and getting on those platforms will continue to blossom.  Cross promotion into the remaining stores while they are around is also really smart.  And I agree with getting readers books they want to read.  Lastly, bundling eBooks is another smart tactic to building the strong followers.  There is nothing worse in my mind than getting some horrible email from someone only to read it is a sales pitch.  Putting something of value and added benefit to actually get into the space of the brand evangelist is something I would love to see.  On the PR front, again the combination of traditional media and social is where the spark is at, not one or the other.  Combine that with all the technologies available from QR Codes on your book covers, apps, video trailers, book websites, free downloads and your off to the races.

  • Now that I’m reissuing some of my 90 traditionally published novels, I’m on a loop with other self-pubbed writers (previously published or not) and we’re trying some of these tactics. It seems to get harder and harder, with more e-books being published, and I appreciate info like yours.
    Jacqueline Diamond
    How to Write a Novel in One (Not-so-easy) Lesson

  • Glad you appreciate the info Jacqueline. Another format to be sure to check out is Vook.com to reach the tablet market. Amazing stuff there.


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