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Enhanced eBooks will take over publishing

Submitted by on January 20, 2012 – 11:00 amNo Comment

A great story was written in the Wall Street Journal on the next wave of publishing being enhanced eBooks. It is well worth watching the video in the article as well after the jump.  Ironically we have been saying this for the past 9 months and even sooner.

That is why we formed an exclusive partnership with Vook as a consulting team to help authors take their brand platforms to another level beyond just an eBook.   To me the handwriting is on the wall with the mobile market rapidly expanding in so many areas.  The trip I took last week into New York City literally every individual was walking around with some kind of mobile device.  Whether it be an iPad, phone or another handheld device, tablet sales are still soaring and more and more video is being played before anything else.  It is just a matter of time before enhanced eBooks replace the traditional eBook simply from the fact that you can share content, video and audio directly from the book to anyone.  Should be interesting to watch this trend and continue to stay on the tip of the spear or you will be surpassed.  It really is quite an experience to read content, watch video from an author, listen to them speak all from one page of the book and on top of that be able to share it to your social networks instantly.

Have you ever experienced an Enhanced eBook before?  What did you think?