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Fresh Impact PR Group's mainstay, we've been helping clients make the news for over a decade. Now, we're helping them make the news and create the news.

Amazon Bestseller Strategy

Placing on an Amazon or New York Times bestsellers' list will offer a significant opportunity for any author.

Micro sites

Our goal in utilizing micro sites is simple: engage activity around the launch of a new project to build online community and presence.

Brand Development

Branding is a critical component to a customer's purchasing decision; customer complaints and opinions are available online and viewable through a simple search.

Media Coaching

Can you communicate your message in 30 seconds or less? Are people responding to your message?

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Article Archive for February 2012

Publishing into a Trend – #Linsanity
February 21, 2012 – 1:28 pm | No Comment
Publishing into a Trend – #Linsanity

More and more I believe that publishing into a trend will in and of itself become a trend.  Publishers who are smart will watch hyper trending stories already being smothered by media as well as …

Vice President of Production Movie Sparkle with Whitney Houston
February 15, 2012 – 11:41 am | No Comment
Vice President of Production Movie Sparkle with Whitney Houston

Delivers message at The Hour of Power seen here. This sermon was seen on TBN as well as re-aired on Lifetime Television.  Our client, Devon Franklin, has helped produce blockbuster movies like ‘The Pursuit of …

The Renaissance of Independent Bookstores
February 14, 2012 – 8:34 am | No Comment
The Renaissance of Independent Bookstores

While the eBook market continues to surge so are the hyper-local bookstores in markets with established stores who are more than active in what they are doing.  Book buyers and readers today still want to …

Take UR Book Beyond the Reader
February 2, 2012 – 9:17 am | No Comment
Take UR Book Beyond the Reader

I am of the camp that the traditional book will not go away just the way they are digested and stories are passed on will.  Traditional bookstores will not go away but they will become …