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Publishing into a Trend – #Linsanity

Submitted by on February 21, 2012 – 1:28 pmNo Comment

More and more I believe that publishing into a trend will in and of itself become a trend.  Publishers who are smart will watch hyper trending stories already being smothered by media as well as on Twitter and drop a book into that trend.  This type of publishing has been done in the past but not in eBook or enhanced eBook formats.

One example was all the fluff on vampires.  Many publishers released trending topics surrounding that larger niche.  But none did it as a ‘quick turn-around’ eBook but rather dropping it into their ever changing business model.  By the time that trending book hit the shelves in stores; the topic likely was already past its tipping point.

Look for this type of publishing to become more and more prevalent and common.

What do all of you think?  Sound-off, I want to hear from you on this if I am wrong!