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Take UR Book Beyond the Reader

Submitted by on February 2, 2012 – 9:17 amNo Comment

I am of the camp that the traditional book will not go away just the way they are digested and stories are passed on will.  Traditional bookstores will not go away but they will become hyper-local and big book retail stores will continue to decrease.

Authors and publishers need to think more about how we can connect with our audience and sell a movement versus individual units.  Here are a few things I would suggest going forward:

  1. Have built in links in all digital metadata to collect information
  2. Build a relationship with an author’s audience long before the book is released.
  3. Have sign-ups and ask readers do they mind if we stay in touch.
  4. Ask readers to help build the book with their stories and not the authors
  5. Take a holistic approach beyond just sales.  Think long term and far beyond book number 1.
  6. Embrace forward thinking and use more inbound marketing than outbound marketing.

There is a reason folks like NBC Publishing are getting in the mix.  Watch what they do, track their sales, follow their books and learn.