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The Renaissance of Independent Bookstores

Submitted by on February 14, 2012 – 8:34 amNo Comment

While the eBook market continues to surge so are the hyper-local bookstores in markets with established stores who are more than active in what they are doing.  Book buyers and readers today still want to experience a bookstore and someone knowing about a book.  They want to interact and not isolate themselves and fully embrace the interaction of the author.

There are stores across the country that get this and will more than survive.  They study the ebbs and flows of the market and are meeting a need in their neighborhood.  Their rents are lower than big box stores with two floors of books not selling.  They are more about knowing who their local customers are and what they like.

Indie Stores are for some readers the only stores they will visit.  I really believe these types of stores will more than survive the volatile book landscape and continue.  Listen, we get all the hype of having an algorithm and seeing a book shoot up any bestseller list because we know it works in helping a book make a mark.  But I have to admit there is something really nice about having a knowledgeable bookseller know their niche and help sell it.

What is your favorite bookstore and why?