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Insider Tips to Getting Publicity on a National TV Show

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We have done myriads of conference calls with clients from acquiring product placements to the all important 5-7 minutes of fame.  What does it really take to maximize that moment or get your foot in the door for a booking?  We recently took a trip into New York City and do so on a regular basis to pitch our clients in person to national shows.  You can learn a whole lot more from spending 5 minutes with a producer in their setting than you can in email or even on the phone.

During our last trip into 30 Rock here are some insights we picked up from talking with a segment producer for a primetime show after we asked, so what makes you book a guest on the show:

  1. It really bothers us when we get a pitch from a PR person who doesn’t watch our show and know what kind of guests we have on every day.
  2. Don’t send me someone who isn’t well coached or can do more than a bang up job when we are fighting for our life in ratings.
  3. Send me a video clip of your client so our team can take a look at it and decide if they will grab viewers.
  4. Don’t email us this long pitch.  We get upwards of 1400 to 2,000 pitches a day.
  5. If you don’t hear back from us that means we are not interested…don’t keep emailing us and asking what we thought.

A few things really stood out to our team here: watching the show and media coaching.  On top of that having a well produced video, as you can see there is no mention of sending a press release!