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13 Days before Appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Submitted by on June 5, 2012 – 1:27 pmNo Comment

Having our client Devon Franklin appear on Super Soul Sunday is a huge honor.  We have been working with Devon for the last year with the initial launch of his hardcover.  Devon has worked harder than any author we have ever represented in our 13 year history.  To say he has done everything possible is an understatement.  This week marks the Happy #bookbday launch of his paperback.

In light of this news I wanted to offer some insights into what made Produced by Faith such a phenomenal success on so many levels.  Devon really put a team of people around him who were well versed in their field.  On top of that, he worked passionately about getting his message into the hands of every single person he came into contact with.  He never lost sight of his goal which pushed the vision of him, the book and his overarching brand forward.  Lastly, he penned a book off his platform of Hollywood which was unique to him and who he is.

Keep your eye out for Devon as a genuine bestselling author to come.  Have you heard of Devon yet?