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Book Publishing Trends in 2013

Submitted by on January 3, 2013 – 9:02 am2 Comments

As I reflect on the year as many of us do this time of season trends all around the publishing and book marketing landscape continue to change.  The best way to handle this in all honesty is to embrace it.  Be right in the middle of the change and be one who leads taking risks and making changes.

Our publishing adventures continue to take us around the world.  There is still plenty of need for author coaching, book marketing coaching and of course book publicity.  Author’s need to have a well rounded platform that is developed in all areas.  The general mainstream market is in all honesty still playing by the same rules.  Our most recent trip into New York City to meet with some of the top publishers in the world surprised me to the level at which they are adapting to change.  It appeared to me they are still living in the ‘ivory tower’, by that specifically they are using a lot of the same language used years ago on publishing.

Here are 5 trends to watch for in the book publishing industry in 2013:

  1. Less and less sales through physical brick and mortar stores
  2. Additional closings of major retailers with Barnes and Noble
  3. New Indie store openings in larger markets where BN and BAM have closings
  4. Large name brand authors delving into the DIY and self publishing trend, particularly launching their own ebook and enhanced ebook formats.
  5. Large publishers all tapping into the ‘self publishing’ hybrid models