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Why Your Content is still King – grow your brand organically the right way!

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(image from Bobby Rettew)

We work with clients of all types.  In the last week we signed on three new top level clients including one  whom has been on the bestseller list for 2 years running with their first book.  We were not a part of that first book but are now a part of some ancillary releases.  In all honesty, that client has been on the bestseller list for 2 years running because of the original story they published.  Not because they have a You Tube Channel with their information on it.  Not because they were endorsed by a top celebrity.  Those things all help and are great to have, but the content is what drove the book, the movement and other books on the same subject following this one.

Just a little over a month we received another call from a client asking us to help write content for an email they were sending.  It was not a complex task.  We started by asking some simple questions like: who do you want to reach?, what is the purpose of the email?, what do you really want to accomplish?  You get the picture.  To our clients amazement, the response to their email doubled.  They had the most click-throughs and opens then they have ever had.  Why?  Not because of our amazing writing, but because what we wrote mattered.  It answered the questions!

On top of that, we also wrote a release for a client and posted it to a PR Web talking about a new campaign called 21 Days to Beat Depression. (disclosure, they are our client) The response to the release has been overwhelming with helping our client have the most hits to their blog they have ever had.  In addition, that release nationally has had over 37,000 impressions online and is now getting placements overseas.  On top of that, 119 websites picked up the release.  Why?  The content matters, we asked questions and drove down on the purpose of the this release.  We used keywords as well as other tactics we know push pickup.

So, why are we saying all this, because we love what we do and seeing results for our clients.  Your content is more important than anything you have.  Even the content you send out to Twitter and Facebook.  Watch what you say because it all sends a message.  Each word has an association with it.  If you don’t direct people to what your brand really is they will form their own brand of they think you are.

When was the last time you stopped and accessed your content?  Is your content and brand compelling enough to drive response?  If not, I would love to help you get over that and see traction.  I would be glad to offer input for you.