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5 Ways to Sell More Books than Oprah at any Level

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sales-growthOver the years we have had authors on Oprah’s program.  While Oprah may be the queen of television, it still takes a village to sell a lot of books.  In fact most recently, our client Devon Franklin, the VP of Sony Pictures was featured on Super Soul Sunday.  The results to being on the show did in fact catapult the author into new realms.  While the ratings don’t carry the weight they did, the response still helps.  There isn’t an author alive who wouldn’t give their left arm to be any platform that large.

While there are many emerging trends on the market from crowd funding to crowd sourcing to LIVE Twitter chats.  They all have their place.  But there are still some basics to moving books which we thought we provide after 14 years of being behind the scenes to multiple New York Times Bestselling authors and campaigns.

Here are 5 things every author should do to sell more books than Oprah:

  1. Start working on the size of your reach as an author at least 6 months before publication date.  This means if it is 3-4 months from publication date you are too late!  Don’t call us when you have a garage full of 5 thousands books and say the publishers isn’t doing anything.  We will likely still have great idea’s for you but it makes us feel really sorry for you.
  2. Think like a salesmen not an author.  Too many times author are great or gifted at writing but horrible at selling.  Stop trying to be an author who thinks they are the next gifted writer and just start reaching readers.  Remember that content is still King!  But if no one knows who you are or what your writing will do for them you won’t sell anything.  Customer service still matters so respond to buyers when they email no matter their reach or size.
  3. A bookstore is the worst place to sell a book for any author. (TWEET THIS)   I heard this in a consulting session one day with a high profile author and it left me laughing.  Stop being consumed as an author about where your book is selling and start selling your own books today.  There are no rules anymore so don’t wait for permission to launch your next big dream of selling thousands of books – WE CAN HELP YOU!
  4. Own the space you write to – too many times authors come to us and they are in a long line of authors already speaking to a thriving audience buying books of 10 other authors.  Create your own niche!  Many times, these authors aren’t really gifted in these niches anyway and have a writing voice to a different group waiting to hear from them that no one is speaking too!
  5. Combine Traditional and Social Media Platforms – the spark of sales comes today when social media meets traditional media.  People still read magazines just in different formats.  Spikes in sales come from spreading of those messages no matter what format they get digested in.  This includes offering trades to other authors to promote their books via Twitter and other spaces.  It works!

If you need help selling more books I would love to help you.  Type out any question and I will provide you solutions to any problem.  If that doesn’t satisfy you, email me here info at freshimpactpr.com and I will pesronally see to it, you start selling more books.