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Book Marketing Tactics for Quality versus Quantity

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FOX Ainsley 3Fresh Impact PR Group loves coaching about all things publishing and book marketing.  Many times authors will call us from all over the world needing helping taking their messages to the next level and need ideas on how best to reach high visible media exposure.  We talk with authors all the time about the best practices in how to do this.  In all honesty, it starts with having a compelling message in conjunction with a story.  Producers want to know how your story will pull their viewers in and help their own ratings.  Whether they like your book or not is really not the issue.  You have to prove to them you watch their show and offer them a compelling case for having you on the program.

In some cases authors will tell us they have been on over 25 or 50 radio stations with their last book they did.  It is really not about how many interviews you do as much as which ones you do.  Any time an author tells me they have done a ton of media I ask them, how many units did you sell from being on those 25 stations? Typically they don’t know.

Media and gaining traction with book publicity is about repetition over a period of time.  If you are talking to a radio station in Topeka, KS at 6am about career’s and leadership the likelihood is you won’t move a lot of books.

If you talk to Fox & Friends First in the largest media market in the country you have a WAY better chance.  This week we visited their show with our client Jeremy Kingsley and his bestselling book Inspired People Produce Results.