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Book Publicity Beyond Your Book

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Over a year and half ago our family moved from the West Coast back to where we grew up in the New England area.  It was more than a task moving our family and business on our own across the country being self employed.  Packing all the boxes, planning a mover (we used Amtrak) and getting the kids settled into a new school.  In all honesty, it took all our strength to make that move.  Ever bit of planning and money.  Have you ever had to deal with anything like that?

We have moved beBusiness Success Conceptfore but this move seemed to stretch us as a family.  Little did we know we would continue to need every bit of strength on the other side of the country to continue doing what we do.

It can be likened to an author who is launching their new book.  They spend in some cases 5 to 6 months planning the launch of the book into the market and use all their set aside budgets typically to do so.  Some authors literally spend an entire year of their life trying to make their book a total success and we help them do that.

More and more authors need to think of themselves as entrepreneurs.  This holds true whether you are published with the big 5 or not(TWEET THIS) They need to think of their book launch well beyond their book and ask themselves, what do I want this book to do for me 5 years down the road?  You as an author need to think of your book as an extension of your brand and take a holistic approach to that.

Think book publicity beyond your book and start delving into more than writing but give yourself to taking risk’s into new territory with your websites, blogs, social media space and every venue possible.  Building your platform is more than having a book it is entering into your niche full steam ahead.  Getting the book published is actually the easy part, selling it is a whole new story!

For anyone interested in learning more I am glad to offer one free 30 minute phone consultation to anyone who posts this to a blog, tweets this blog out or shares this story.