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Book Publicity + Book Marketing = Happy Author!

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Many times we funnel questions from authors in various genre’s.  But all too often questions arise about return on investment, especially in this volatile book market.  Some authors like to pencil out what they pay for publicity services versus books sold.  And while on paper that might be nice in the real world that is tough.  Even though it has become painstakingly difficult to predict book sales some old school book marketing tactics still work.

photo copyWith fewer retailers taking author events unless you have a high level ‘A’ list author there are ways around that.  If a book is in any retailers system go in and ask to sign any books they have on hand.  Many times, the store will place a sticker on the book to help let buyers now the book is signed by the author.  This does a few things for both the author and the store.  Number one, it equips that particular store to better direct buyers with hand to hand selling because they met the author.  Two, it helps the author see all the books being sold in the store and gives them a reality check.

Some times it is about the bigger picture of where the author is going than it is selling books.  (TWEET THIS) Or in some cases it can be combination of both.  While our goal is always about selling books you have to walk through the doors open before you in order to get to the end goal.  Sometimes it takes time to get there.  In this case mentioned above, we helped place Inspired People Produce Results in Hudson Booksellers Group in 60 airport locations which for the author’s audience group is a homerun.

If you are an independent author, give-a-way free signed copies online to build your audience group.  Go to book festivals over the summer and do what you have to gain readers and followers.

Ask yourself, what have I done in the last month to give my readers something of value?