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5 Reasons Your Author Brand needs to go Mobile

Submitted by on June 3, 2013 – 9:25 amNo Comment

mobilemarketingWe came across this amazing report put out by Adobe from our friends at Sparksheet.  You will notice in the report some amazing finds directly related to mobile users on tablets versus that of a smartphone.  No matter what device you are operating from authors and brands need to make adjustments if they haven’t already.

Based on the report, we came up with 5 reasons your author brand

needs to go mobile.   Here they are from our viewpoint:

  1. 52% – 59% of owners of mobile devices are reading books on those devices.  As an author this means more than having a formatted ebook.
  2. People are beginning to make more purchases from these devices.  Create space on your website for this experience in a refreshing way.
  3. 79% of these device owners use them to read email.  Are you creating and writing good content with your email outreach?  Likely, you are not otherwise you would have an amazing following.  Even if you are writing good email content, there is always room from improvement
  4. Emails well done influence buying decisions from good brands!
  5. Relevance and timing play a key part in your messaging.  Fix this or let us help you.

Have you thought of your brand as reaching mobile device users?  Have you ever checked out your own author brand on a device other than your own?

It certainly makes it easier promoting an author book or brand when these things are in place.