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Barnes and Noble getting out of the Tablet Business

Submitted by on June 26, 2013 – 9:05 amOne Comment

images News today everywhere in the book publishing business is talking about the decline of Barnes and Noble Booksellers and them getting out of the tablet business.  There are plenty of angles to talk about with this news from what happens to brick and mortar stores and will they survive.  If you watch the video here from Wall Street Journal book business reporter Jeffery Trachtenburg he mentions them potentially closing 10-15 stores this year.

This leads me to another question for all of you?  Will the store survive?  Do you buy your books still going into a bookstore?  Or are most of your purchases made online or through an e-reader.  Who remembers having this sames discussion before Borders closed?

We have been saying this to authors and publishers alike for the last 4 years really.  Tablets are an incredible experience when reading an enhanced eBook.  To be able to watch video, listen to an author clip, continue reading and then be able to share directly to your social media space, it easily becomes and more fluent sales system.  Word of Mouth marketing and social business are more and more happening as a direct result of recommendation while in the social media space.

Yes, we still love bookstores and support our local ones.  In fact we frequent them quite often.  Both authors and publishers alike need to start thinking about ways to sell books outside of the age old system.  That is quite obvious.  However, eBook sales have plateaued and the numbers are indicating they will likely stay at 20% of most publishers overall sales.  Folks are still buying books and as the dust settles, books are here to stay.  How they get bought, sold and read are another story.  Being creative with purchased tickets to bookstore signings and going to corporate sponsors to buy large quantities of books will more and more become the norm.  We still advise authors to sign copies while walking through the airport and anywhere else they can.  It all makes a difference.

How do you guys all prefer to buy your books?  How do you prefer to read them?

  • It will be interesting as well to see if B&N does close more stores which markets they choose.