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Book Publicity Basics to Grow your Following and Gain Sales

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publicityHave you ever heard the phrase, “it takes a small village to raise a child”.  The same could be said of selling books these days.  It takes a small army or a well thought out strategy with an experienced team.  I recently told an author, getting a book deal isn’t the challenge, selling the book is!

Many times authors associate doing publicity with equating that directly to book sales.  As I have discussed over the last two years this landscape is changing.  Just when we thought eBooks would replace printed books the sales figures have plateaued over the last year.  The excitement to eBooks being the ‘it’ thing has flattened.

We love helping authors and publishers watch trends and emerging tactics used to best position a book to launch into the market and gain traction not only in stores but through the authors existing platform.  If an author doesn’t have a platform we help them build it.

Think about who your ideal follower might be?  Determine who the audience you want to be best known in is and go after it.  Find all the publishing and trending blogs on the issues you love and enter that space as an expert.  Let your voice be heard.  Each time you do so, sign in under your author book title or author website name.  This organically moves people to check you out.

Google your name and see what comes up?  Find out what others are saying in the same space you are writing to.  For example, if you have a passion about adoption…find out who is an authority on that and write comments on their blog.

Twitter chats are great ways to grow your Twitter following for example.  Have you sat through one of those yet.  We have and each time we do, we typically gain at least 5 true followers.

Lastly, find writers who cover your content and begin following them.  Post comments in their articles and sound off as an expert.  We have done this and it has lead to us doing interviews about Fresh Impact PR Group.  It really does work.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and let your brand be heard!