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Giving National Producers What They Want to Land Top Level Publicity

Submitted by on October 25, 2013 – 9:41 am2 Comments

Your Business

Building rapport with producers at National Broadcast outlets takes time and patience.  Most recently I had the opportunity to garner such a relationship with Dawn Stackhouse of MSNBC’s ‘Your Business’.  It took me several months of asking questions, requesting phone calls and finding out what she needed to take with her to a pitch meeting regarding our client Paul M. Rand author of Highly Recommended.

Like most publicity campaigns, interviews on a National show can do great things for an author brand platform.  Taking a holistic approach to doing publicity for any brand is always smart(Tweet This) Ask yourself, where can we build wins, expand content marketing and capture market share with our message.

Before getting excited about who you are contacting do your homework and all the basics about approaching such producers.  It always bothers them if you have never watched their show.  Know what they look for, how they producer the show and what they like to give their viewers.  If you package it the right way it can yield an interview.

If you have a question about getting on ANY show sound off the name of the show and I would be glad to offer you best practices for getting on.


  • Lots of wisdom in there, Scott. Thanks for posting!

  • Glad to offer input Mike. Glad you like it!