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Traditional Publishing versus Indie Publishing

Submitted by on November 20, 2013 – 8:20 am2 Comments

self_publishing_word_cloudMany times we often get asked through our brand development work how to best use a book to a brands advantage.  As many of you know books are still being referenced as the 21st Century business card and extremely effective at opening doors of opportunity.

Most recently on a discovery call for a new potential client we had this discussion.  When you run the numbers out over the typical shelf life of a book which is different than the life span of a book and the numbers are enlightening.  The question you have to ask yourself before you get started follow below as many times it really depends on the which might work best for that book, author or season of the brand:

  1. Where do I want the brand to be in 5 – 7 years after this phone call?
  2. Do I have the right team of people who believe in that and are equipped to get me there?
  3. Am I a writer or do I have a writing voice or do we need to find it or build that?
  4. What are the new trends around where I want to be that we can build into around the brand launch?
  5. Do I carry credibility in this space or does that need to be built first?
  6. Can someone talk me out of doing a book? If they can then you shouldn’t do one!
  7. How can traditional publishing help the brands efforts?
  8. How can indie publishing or hybrid publishing help the brands efforts?
  9. What is the best way to use a book and market to the niche around your brand?
  10. Talk to authors and firms like ours who have done both venues to help you discovery what is the best fit.

If you have a personal question feel free to post one and I will answer them for you in as much detail as possible.

  • Cathi

    There is an organization that I think would benefit from including my book in their resources webpage, and I don’t know anyone at the organization personally. What are some ideas of ways for me to connect with this organization?

  • Cathi,
    Great question. There are a few ways you can get further than a generic email off a resource page. First by beginning to contribute online to that organization if they have any social media pages or a blog. Make sure to comment in their threads with the name of your brand. For example, I sign in as freshimpactpr for a reason!

    Secondly, send them some snail mail as well as email any folks off their contact page.

    Third, place a phone call and ask for the media director or someone of that sort.

    Lastly, if you tell me the name of the organization’s site, perhaps we can help crack through after visiting their site. Knowing might provide another solution.

    Hope this helps!