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5 Ways to Sell More Books in 2014

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Well, book publishing survived another year.  Are you surprised?  I am not.  Having a book published is still considered the 21st Century business card, according to Fast Company.  But book selling has become quite the task.  Moving books for any author is typically harder or just as hard as putting the book together.  Both require hard work and a team around the author involved in all aspects of launching the author to market.  The amount of authors who have published books has almost tripled in the last year not to mention content marketing has become just as important if not THE KEY to moving books.  Most authors just don’t get that.  They think by having a book, people will want to buy it.

Here are 5 Tips to Sell More Books in 2014:

  1. Do your homework as an author and immerse yourself into the space that you want to published your book on.  In addition, begin to find readers in that space and feed them content causing them to engage in your brand.
  2. Do more than have a blog, goodreads author page, twitter or facebook page.  Everyone has that by now, if you don’t you are 4 years behind.
  3. Find the competition in your space and ask them to guest blog for you.  Build a network of your own and keep your competition close at hand while being savvy enough to realize we can all help each other.
  4. Become a cyber stalker online with everything to do about your niche audience.  Find every news page, blog and mother reading stories online and make comments into those spaces.  However, the key is not selling your stuff but building a relationship with that person.  Don’t hawk your book with a link but give them input they can use right away.
  5. Write a good book.  I know this sounds basic but with so many books being written you still need a good product.  You still need good packaging and you still need a savvy presence for your author brand to be received.

Perhaps you can share 1 way you sold books last year that I may have overlooked?