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Cross-Device Communications, Sales and Book Marketing…A Piece of Cake

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We have the honor today of hearing from our trusted friend and colleague, Holt Vaughn from The EastCo Group.  Holt is more than an expert and has myriads of client roster’s that will dazzle you.  Not to mention him and I have taken a few consulting trips together.  On those trips, we tend to be foodies together and always have a good time.  It has now gotten to the point where we text each other pictures of good food and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.  So in light of that, here is an actual picture from one of my adventures to Portsmouth, NH at the extraordinary Pop-Overs On the Square!  Enjoy this guest post from Holt Vaughn.

It’s a cross-device world. People are doing business, entertainment and news across their Smartphones, PC’s, tablets and Smart Watches. There’s even Smartwatch marketing, and a website called Smart Watch News. For those who remember Dick Tracy, we’re not living in a comic strip, it’s NOW. You need to think, develop, reach and market in a cross-device way.

Audiences/consumers, readers and listeners, deal-hunters, coupon-users and “window-shoppers”, congregations and tribes move smoothly (more or less) and rapidly across their laptops, phones, iPads, Nooks and other devices looking for…and expecting…to find YOU (or your competitors).

I know. I understand. It’s all moving too fast and it is a LOT of work. And it is very costly to be in those worlds, to get in that game. But do it you must. Find a way. You have to make it part of your budget. Some of our clients go big. Some start small with a strong vision for growth. Others get investors. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The future is here today, and you can be in it. The old business adage of ‘grow or die” applies like crazy in the digital world.

And speaking of crazy…“but how much will I make on it, what’s my ROI?”, you ask. A smart and needful question, but one that can’t be answered here as a standalone item. Cross-platform, cross-device communications are monetized in thousands of different ways, and even the biggest and best brands are still testing, trying, and getting a steady footing in this new world. A good strategy for authors and content creators will include a combination of sales, advertising, marketing, lots of “free”, and most importantly: creative ideas and useful products!

For starters, you should consider both a useful utilitarian type Smartphone app that everyone in your audience can USE regularly along with some more media-rich video/audio/gorgeous design extravaganza apps too for Tablets (build that brand, tell that story!). You’ll need a killer product development team. If you don’t have one in-house, hire one. If you have no money to hire a great team, put together a volunteer team…but be forewarned…generally you get what you pay for.

You have to have great development because people read, listen to, buy and engage with: the unique answers their tribe needs. Don’t be just another tiny voice in a vast sea. You need to compel them to come in, with your truly distinctive REASON, why they MUST have what YOU are offering. And do it everywhere they are – on their phones, TV’s, watches, PC’s and laptops.

Piece of cake.