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Why the Power of Local Media Still Works for any Author or Brand!

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static.squarespace.comWith all the hype surrounding social media local media in an author’s home town still warrants attention(Click to Tweet)

Local Buffalo, NY author Carol McLeod was releasing her 4th book called No More OrdinaryFresh Impact PR Group has always taken the stance of having a holistic approach to launching a book.  Why?  Because just printing a book and hoping it sells doesn’t do you any good.  Spending 4 years putting your book together with no platform or followers will not help you sell books.  You have to think about your book beyond the publishing date.  In fact, you have to think about your book 6 months before the publishing date and 4 years after that.

We have spent a good amount of time helping Carol with many of her projects.  So we understood her brand, her heart for where she wants to be and helped develop all the needed moving parts for her campaign.  This included an Amazon Bestseller Strategy.  This strategy served it’s purpose by grabbing 4 bestseller categories making the book topical for reporters and producers.

The result was beneficial.  Carol landed ‘AM Buffalo’ and received a phone call from a local bookstore to come in and do a signing the weekend before Easter.  In addition, she built rapport with the show who has already invited her back for future needs on the show.

What win can we help you create in your book launch or author brand?