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The Power of a #Brand Video for Getting Your Message Out

Submitted by on June 30, 2014 – 9:47 amNo Comment

brand Last week we had the privilege of helping a client with their brand video.  Any time we are launching a new website or building a new brand message we love doing it with a well done video message.  Clients rave about going through our branding process…as it ends up being so revolutionary to who they are as much as it is about their message.  Video as we all know get’s viewed by more folks than any written content as long as it is short enough to be viewed.  I will caution you to not try to do a brand video on your own.  Getting outside perspective and nailing down all the message points is wise.  Having to go back and fix a bad video is more harmful than spending money upfront on getting it right.

With my wife Julie having a few years interning at CNN, she is very well versed at asking all the right questions.  In addition to that, we had one of our favorite video team members from Vaughn Street with us, Erik Ticen– who always captures all the right content.

Having been in the public relations field for more than 15 years now we believe in what we do for clients.  We want to help people tell their story and do it professionally and with excellence.  Here are a few tips for branding that can help you going forward:

  1. Develop a brand that captures market share in a new space in a new way
  2. Be original to who you are, not an echo to something someone else is already doing
  3. Get a team around you who offers input and doesn’t say yes to everything you want to do
  4. Know the difference between who you are and who you think you are – many times your brand is found somewhere in the middle.
  5. Know your competition and what they are not doing well

If you have any burning questions on branding please give us a shout out and we will be glad to answer them.