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5 Reason’s Doing a Book Tour Still Matter For any Author

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As many of you know we spent 12 years in the Seattle area, so we still have a heart for the Seahawks.  Recently the #12Tour has made the rounds in the Northwest.  I had to ask myself, why are they doing a #12Tour…why does anyone tour?  In the case of the Seahawks they did it to build fan support and it has worked as regular season tickets sales have skyrocketed…winning the Superbowl helped that cause too.


That is still the case for authors of any platform size. We believe a resurgence of small Mom & Pop stores are coming back for this very reason.  Hand to hand selling is still a need.




  1. No matter how large or small your platform is get on the road and become known by being known.  Get in front of people as much as you can and connect with them.
  2. Connecting in person still matters.
  3. Putting a face to the name of a brand makes a difference and being a ‘touchable’ brand matters too. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  4. It will give you a real pulse on where you are as an author.  Hit up the street fairs and book festivals as a hyper-local move.  People love that in the summer anyway.  It will give you an opportunity to grow your social network at the very least.
  5. Yes, the way touring has changed but it still makes a difference.  You just have to be creative.  We can help with that…it’s what we do!  For example, we use Hudson Booksellers now since many of our clients travel anyway.  We have them stop in at all stores and sign books.

When was the first time or last time you met an author in person?  Did that mean anything to you?