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The Difference Between Branding and Having a Tagline

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Corporate-BrandingRecently I was awarded the opportunity to conduct a brand strategy session in person for a prospective client.  Since that time, we have been working through the process of what that looks like in real time.  It dawned on me through this process how many folks think they know what a brand really is or isn’t.  Folks can also think by default they know what a tagline is or isn’t.

Having a creative brand identity creates for you a Unique Value Proposition (U.V.P)  In a nut shell, what is going to distinguish you from the guy down the street?  What is going to differentiate you from the 1,000 other people trying to do the same thing you are?  Having a brand is more than having a logo or a color scheme.  It’s having market position inside a niche that you can begin to own.  Then your passion can funnel the brand with growth.

We know for example there are a million PR firms now who claim to book media interviews.  But there are a select few who can elevate a brand, create market share and have results seen by growth whether it be through book sales, customer growth or speaking engagements.  In today’s landscape, you have to study the competitors and find out why people should hire you.  People hire us because our work and results speak for themselves.

Taglines are simply defined as a ‘welcome mat’ to your brand.  They can change with time as sometimes visions and missions change within an organization.  However, we recommend your tagline have a ‘supporting cast’…using compelling content and language on your website to solidify your brand tagline.  So when someone leaves you or your website, they can say in one sentence what you are and what you do and why they want you over someone else.

To take this one step further, we recommend author’s have all this situated for themselves before writing their book…it just helps!

If there are any brand or tagline questions we can help answer LIVE on the blog we would love to hear from you.