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5 Things you need to Produce a Bestselling Book in todays market

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MarketingBooks still work as bridge builders and lead generator’s for businesses and authors.  Having a bestselling book still matters in the minds of many readers and does create space in the market.  It also creates credibility in your genre and niche.  The way books are being sold, read and consumed has all changed as many of you know.  Author’s still have a desire to be the next big book on the scene that get’s picked up and turned into a movie.  Isn’t that the dream of so many of you?

Here are 5 tips we have learned over the last 15 years of helping authors with book marketing and book launches:

  1. Write a book worth reading with providing valid content and not jargin.  I have heard it said that the best books are the ones people actually finish.  Over the last two months I have heard from business book readers they are tired of buying business books full of nothing but fluff.  They’ll read an entire chapter to only find one or two things as a take-a-way from a chapter.  Think about what you want in a book and provide it.
  2. You have to understand what it means to have direct to consumer channels before you publish.  Just because you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page with activity doesn’t mean your book will sell.  You have to dig deeper than that and understand consumer buying habits for the market you’re trying to reach…then shape your book around that to reach that niche.
  3. Immerse yourself into all facets of online marketing, growth and reaching people.  Stop thinking by writing a book people care.  That doesn’t mean anything anymore.  Look at podcasting, Twitter parties, workshops, online classes, Google hangouts and know what works for the audience you are trying to reach.  People care just as much now about you being an influencer and by that you have credibility.  The credibility means they will follow you and think about buying your book.
  4. Have campanion products around your author brand that complitment your new book.  People today like choices.  Furthermore, they like consuming what they want in multiple formats.  Provide that for them to capture them as a customer forever not for one single purchase on your book.  This might even mean dividing your book up into multiple single eBooks.  Get creative and think outside the box.
  5. Know what it takes with sales to reach bestseller status.  You have to have 8-11,000 individual units reported as a sale in a 10 day time period.  On top of that, the NY Times Bestsellerlist in particular is subjective.  Meaning, they decide which books make it.  You may have the sales benchmark to make the list and not get selected.  Know that it takes having multiple sales channels as least 4 reporting those sales inside that 10 day reporting period with Amazon being one of them.