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Fallout from the #EricGarner Chokehold Case Grips the Nation

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LeslieHaskinLeslie Haskin’s is a known National face to the media being a former WTC survivor with quite a story.  Her book’s have landed her on the New York Times Bestseller List’s and many interviews.   Long before the National Stories that have garnered so much attention caught wind on Twitter, Leslie was on the ground making a difference offering solutions.  She is the Founder of Life Stations Centers, a Civil Rights Non Profit aimed at focused on improving the quality of life for black men and their families by combating racism, poverty and unemployment, gang violence and addiction, neighborhood decline, police brutality and excessive incarceration.

Just yesterday, Leslie was used in a story with the Christian Science Monitor on policemen being armed with video camera’s and the validity of that.  This story is growing in stature daily and we are offering Leslie to more and more venues.  Leslie states it best saying, “Right now we’re all responding to what’s trending, but what happens when social media moves on? Trayvon, Michael, Eric and so many others are still absent from us, our men are still looking for work, our neighborhoods are still in decline and our nation will still have a problem. We MUST use this time to catapult us into executing sustainable solutions and peace on both sides of the gun.”

She can speak to this on so many levels from the Black Community perspective to this being a catalytic moment for our country with Black History month only being two months away.  She goes on to say, “When we look back on these times in history, we have to be able to describe them as turning points. This cannot continue to be just the way that it is for black people or any people.”

Co-founder of Life Stations Centers of Excellence, Eliot Hill had this to say, “Because it is my generation that is affected the most by what is happening, it has to be my generation leading the charge for radical growth. I mean we really have to take action. We won’t solve this one on twitter.”

For an interview with Leslie Haskin’s or Co-Founder Eliot Hill get in touch with us as soon as possible.