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Making the Most of a National Media Interview

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Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.55.39 AMRecently I had the opportunity of booking a client on MSNBC’s Your Business show which airs on Sunday’s.  The author of Exceptionalize It!, Lior Arussy and I met with the producer as well as senior producer in the green room.  Additionally we had a chance to meet the other guest’s and the host JJ Ramberg.

Having this opportunity for our client we wanted to make the most of all we could.  Escorting the author to the interview helped.  We were able to acquire pictures for cross promoting as well as connect with show on a deeper level.

By accompanying the author we were able to learn first hand what the producer looks for on a program.  We also asked her how many pitches she get’s on a daily basis.  She was willing to share with us that 50 emails come to her per hour on her 10 hour work day.  So roughly 500 pitches a day meaning 2,500 pitches a week.  Her team sits and has pitch meetings going over all the pitches this producer weed’s out ahead of time.  The relationship we were able to build over the last year helped our email get read.  The tip she did mention which perhaps you didn’t know was she told us she only reads the Subject Header of the email.  If she doesn’t like it, it doesn’t make sense or it won’t work it, she automatically delete’s the email and doesn’t read it!

Additionally, Lior and I were able to watch the first taped guest’s and we offered LIVE comments to each other how they were communicating their message to the audience.  Both other guest’s used were making on-camera mistakes.  One, kept using filler words.  And while she spoke well, when she did speak, her sounds bites could have been stronger giving a better viewer experience.  We mentioned this to Lior.  Another guest, kept closing his eye’s when communicating.  So while he too, had good sound bites with his eye’s continuing to close it was another disconnect for the viewer.  You can watch in Lior’s interview, he used no filler words and connected in a more personal way with the viewer’s watching…providing a better interview.  Lior and I talked after each segment before ours to nail our segment.  I believe Lior did so.

So think again, before sending the all important pitch to land a national show….better yet, let us help you.  Send us your pitch today and we can help make it stand out above the other 2,400 emails this producer reads in a week.