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The Secrets Leaders Keep trends on several Amazon Bestseller Categories

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Standing blank hardcover book isolated on white background.AmyK Hutchen’s ran an Amazon Bestseller Campaign with us which has yielded some exceptional results.  Each campaign always ends up launching with expectations of that, but The Secrets Leaders Keep has maintained solid results and continues to do so.  AmyK and her team get it, they listen and are coachable.  We captured the Top 100 overall in bestselling books apexing at #90.  Addtionally, we placed #2 Mover’s and Shakers,#2 Hot New Release Bestseller Personal Finance, #4 Bestseller in Personal Finance, #5 Hot New Releases Business Leadership, #6 Business Bestseller in Leadership

Following our campaign the response to this campaign has helped our book marketing efforsts and publicity work with garnering additional interviews for AmyK at a high level which include contributing to Entrepreneur.com on a monthly basis, Executive Book Summary, and many others.


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