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The Value of Getting into Barnes and Noble for Book Marketing as an Author

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Launching a new book takes time, money and a team of people around an author to help accomplish the goals set out any book is set out to accomplish.  With each author, the goals change.  The books are different and so are the authors.  But as a ‘quarterback’ on many book projects we understand the value of doing some of the basics because they still matter.

You can do all the social media you want and increase social selling, it works.  It’s only a piece thought of the bigger puzzle.  A part of whole picture.

Recently we pitched the buyer at Barnes and Noble on a book we had worked on for several months.  The buyer made some buys and we did our part by having social selling through pictures as well as sending the author to their local store.


Book marketing and selling books takes everyone doing their part.  We encourage you to do the same.