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“Through the internalization of sentiment, brands will relearn how to speak. No longer will we focus on controlling the message from conception to documentation to distribution. We lose control as our messages are introduced into the real world. Our story migrates from consumer to consumer. This chain forms a powerful connection that reveals true reactions, perception and perspectives.” Mashable.com, January, 2010

Branding is a critical component to a customer’s purchasing decision; customer complaints and opinions are available online and viewable through a simple search. Clients need to establish a message worthy of attention and affinity.

We assist our clients in doing just that. Through our brand development, clients discover how to focus their message and get to the core of who they are: their values, representation, current market position, and their promise to consumers. We conduct research to help our clients identify, communicate and separate their brand from the competition. As the message is introduced into the online community, we help clients’ direct traffic, form public perceptions, and maintain a sense of purpose.

Recent branding campaigns include Hollywood Stuntwoman, Terri Cadiente and Success Strategist, Dani Johnson. In addition to brand development, we provide line extensions of the brand with top-of-the line product development, and reinforce the brand with consistent language through our writing services.

“Working with Fresh Impact PR Group has been a great professional and personal experience. Professionally, Julie and Scott tag teamed their knowledge to create a brand that fits me and of which I am elated to have; and personally, the road to get to my brand was an enlightening journey guided by two of the best. Fresh Impact’s brand questionnaire didn’t just help me find what I would do, it helped me find who I am in this season of my life. Thanks guys!”

Terrell Fletcher – Author/Speaker – former running back to the San Diego Chargers