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Dani-JohnsonCan you communicate your message in 30 seconds or less? Are people responding to your message? Are your interviews equating to sales or to a measurable call of action? For every one hour interview, you get 12 minutes of talk time. On shorter interviews, you get even less. That’s why you need to make every minute count.

It’s critical to know how to give a good interview. It’s the power of selling! If you need help developing a message, bridging to message points, controlling your message, answering questions, identifying loaded questions, handling hostile interviews, being persuasive, reducing nervousness, creating sound bites or ALL of the above, we can help. Our all day intensive, on-camera media training is extremely effective because experience changes behavior and as you watch yourself, your behavior will change. With helpful pointers and tips, you will see yourself improve throughout the day building confidence and strong messaging, showcasing a better interview and resulting in stronger sales.