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Fresh Impact PR Group has been promoting events since Women of Faith’s inception delivering on-site local and national media coverage including NBC Nightly News, Time Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, Associated Press, PBS, Jim Bohannon, and The Washington Post.

More than ever, our event promotions garner measurable results as our tactics have broadened. In addition to obtaining media placements, we have learned to assist our clients in becoming the news source. Have an event, fundraiser, or bookstore signing that you want coverage for? Create a Twitter Hashtag and encourage attendees to make live posts to Twitter during the event, or take a flip video phone, record it, and broadcast it on the internet thru USTREAM or other streaming video portals. With Fresh Impact PR Group, our clients become the source; they become the news by tactically and strategically making them the news. This is actually very good and exciting! Your possibilities are limitless…