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Almost 89,000 jobs have disappeared from the media industry (Center for Marketing Research), 120 newspapers in the U.S. have shut down since January 2008 (papercutz.com), and Oprah is going off the air. Isn’t traditional media “dead”? Or at best, “antiquated”?

People will argue this point. But there is one thing we know. Our clients still see results from traditional media interviews:

  • One client’s book moved on Amazon sales ranking upwards of 1.2 million slots after just one interview.
  • Another author moved on Amazon sales ranking from 252,000 inside 52,000 after a series of television interviews.
  • During the timeframe of the actual interviews, one author received over 2,400 downloads of their book. During that same time, the author received over 300,000 impressions on their website. One interview alone generated 900 downloads!

With these results, we believe that traditional media is still viable. Television is king; it remains the dominant medium among youth at 4 hours and 29 minutes per day (broadcastingcable.com, 1/20/2010). So yes, we still book our clients on national and local television programs. And yes, we still book our clients on national and local radio interviews, and have them featured in print publications too. Our goal is to maximize coverage and visibility – with social and traditional media working together.